Founded in 1969, Automated Processes Incorporated, commonly known as API, is a storied company birthed from a synergy between engineers and musicians. Their shared ambition was to craft the highest quality professional audio gear coupled with exemplary customer service. Over half a century later, API’s commitment to excellence continues to resonate throughout the industry, evident in the brand’s widespread acclaim and continued influence.

API’s roster of groundbreaking contributions is impressive. Not only did the landmark 2520 Discrete Op-Amp, designed by co-founder Saul Walker in 1968, shape the future of audio design, but also the modular 500 Series brought unprecedented flexibility to signal processing. The brand’s pioneering spirit also brought technological advancements such as the first computerized console automation systems and programmable consoles with their Total Recall™ system.

The company has been a cradle of innovation, from the first conductive plastic faders to its iconic console designs like the Vision, the Legacy, and the BOX®. Recognized for its “warm analog sound,” API has become emblematic of top-tier analog recording equipment.

With a wealth of achievements including GRAMMY® awards and numerous patents, API continues to be at the forefront of the professional audio industry. As they celebrate over 50 years of rich history, the unmistakable presence of API in studios across the globe showcases a relentless pursuit of audio perfection that honors and builds upon Saul Walker’s original vision.

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