ATC Loudspeakers, established in 1974 by Billy Woodman, emerged with the mission to manufacture custom drive units for the professional sound industry. The brand quickly distinguished itself with the 12 PA75-314 driver, renowned for its capacity to handle more power and produce less distortion at higher sound pressure levels than any other market offering. In 1976, ATC revolutionized studio monitoring and set a new industry standard with the introduction of the SM 75-150s soft dome midrange driver. This piece of engineering mastery is today celebrated as the ultimate mid-range transducer, offering unmatched uniform dispersion, wider bandwidth, and significantly lower distortion.

Throughout the following decades, ATC expanded its portfolio to include complete speaker systems and further innovations in high-power PA drive units, becoming an integral part of the music industry’s backbone, trusted by iconic bands like Pink Floyd and Supertramp. ATC’s advent into active system technologies with the EC23 Active Crossover marked a significant leap forward, leading to the creation of industry benchmarks like the SCM50A and SCM100A active systems.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, in 1996 ATC introduced its first standalone audiophile electronics, built around the company’s no-compromise philosophy. This period also saw the development of ATC’s groundbreaking Super Linear (SL) driver technology, aimed at significantly reducing distortion and enhancing sound fidelity.

ATC’s unwavering commitment to audio excellence has positioned it as a reference brand for both professional and high-fidelity applications worldwide, wherever supreme audio performance is demanded.

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