Founded in 1958 by Jack Wilson, Auratone has remained a family-owned entity for over 50 years, reverently producing reliable studio monitors that have carved their niche within the recording industry worldwide. The adventure began in Jack’s garage in Chula Vista, California, blossoming into a legacy that introduced the 5C Super Sound Cubes. These legendary monitors, known for their unmatched consistency and quality, have become an industry standard found in studios around the globe, celebrated for their fidelity and reliability.

Today, Auratone has relocated its headquarters from Coronado, California, to Nashville, Tennessee, maintaining its commitment to family ownership and the handcrafting of products in their Nashville workshop. This transition underscores a dedication to quality that was epitomized by Jack Wilson’s famous motto, “I will never sacrifice quality for quantity.” Such principles ensure that each Auratone product embodies the highest standards of construction and sound reproduction.

Auratone’s continuing legacy is a testament to Jack’s vision and his significant contributions to the recording industry. The brand is committed to preserving his legacy, ensuring that his name and the iconic 5C Super Sound Cubes remain synonymous with excellence in studio monitoring for future generations. As the company evolves, its core principle—to deliver authentic, high-quality sound—remains steadfast, honoring its history while looking towards the future.

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