Barefoot Sound stands as a paragon of excellence in the pro audio recording monitor industry. Founder Thomas Barefoot, an engineer, scientist, and inventor, established the company fueled by his lifelong passion for music. He turned this passion into a groundbreaking enterprise, starting from humble beginnings in his garage to growing into the revered brand known today. Operating from its international headquarters in Portland, Oregon, each Barefoot monitor undergoes meticulous assembly and testing in an 8300 square-foot facility, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Barefoot started the journey in the lush landscapes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he learned to build guitars and amplifiers from salvaged parts as a means to support his education in physics. Though he ventured into the pursuit of a Ph.D., Thomas realized that his true calling was not academia but the creative and innovative world of sound technology. His unique vision rejected conventional divisions between nearfield, main, and mastering monitors, fueling the proliferation of all-in-one monitors that served the expanding landscape of project studios and the recording community.

By 2004, Thomas Barefoot had crafted a studio monitor so innovative that it challenged even the most elite brands in the market, capturing the audio world’s attention. Today, Barefoot Sound’s range of products encompasses the most revered series like the MicroMain, MiniMain, and MasterStack lines, including the popular Footprint series. As a testimony to Thomas Barefoot’s convictions and the company’s dedication to supreme quality, Barefoot Sound now garners the trust of recording studios, producers, and artists around the globe as the most respected brand in the recording industry.

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