ErgoLab’s mission is centered around an innovative approach to seating with the “Stop The Pain Chair,” profoundly rooted in ergonomic research that began almost 40 years ago. This research unveiled a detrimental increase of over 40% in the load on the intervertebral discs in the lower back as one transitions from standing to a traditional upright sitting position. ErgoLab’s design philosophy emerged from the critical finding that conventional chairs force the pelvis into a position that adds unnecessary pressure on the lower back, intervertebral discs, and nerves, potentially leading to cumulative trauma disorders such as back pain.

ErgoLab’s “Stop The Pain Chair” stands out by employing patented technology to tackle these issues head-on. The chair’s innovative design includes adjustable seat pan features that promote a healthy lordosis curve in the lower back, pivotal for reducing spinal pressure. Key features such as two cylinder options for different desk heights, breathable mesh for comfort, a conventional look with a revolutionary function, and a specially shaped and tensioned mesh surface support a healthier sitting posture.

Moreover, another unique aspect of the ErgoLab chairs is the floating, lumbar-shaped backrest, designed to match the natural convex lumbar curve and move with the user. This not only prevents static muscle strain by massaging the back to increase blood flow and disc hydration but also addresses the key factors of discomfort and pain associated with traditional seating. ErgoLab presents a compelling solution for those seeking a healthier way to sit, whether in an active working position or a passive reclining stance, ensuring a comfortable, pain-free environment for its users.

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