Flock Audio, a pioneering tech company, is revolutionizing the professional audio industry with its groundbreaking PATCH System. As a beacon of innovation, this Edmonton, Alberta-based firm has made a significant impact with its debut product, the PATCH, which challenged the norms of analog audio routing. Flock Audio’s PATCH System, a fully analog patch bay with a digital control system, seamlessly integrates the best of analog and digital worlds, offering users unprecedented control and flexibility.

With a distinct focus on streamlining the audio production process while enhancing creativity and workflow, Flock Audio has quickly become a favorite among audio engineers and music producers worldwide. The PATCH System allows for the rapid and precise routing of audio signals without the degradation associated with traditional patch bays, all controllable via a simple, intuitive software interface. This fusion of analog warmth and digital convenience places Flock Audio at the forefront of audio technology.

Flock Audio’s dedication to quality, innovation, and ease of use is evident in every aspect of its products. By constantly listening to the needs of the professional audio community and employing groundbreaking technology to address those needs, Flock Audio is not just creating products; it’s creating new possibilities in the world of professional audio. As the company continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to redefining the audio recording and production experience remains unwavering, making Flock Audio a brand to watch in the audio industry.

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