Funky Junk is a leading pro-audio company with over three decades of experience, acting as a staple in Europe thanks to its locations in Italy, the UK, Spain, France, and Portugal. It provides a comprehensive range of services and products, including rare vintage equipment and the latest analog and digital technologies, through strategic partnerships with major global audio technology producers and developers.

The company offers customized solutions, consulting, design, and installation services, as well as technical support and custom cable-making, catering to professionals and recording studios worldwide.

Additionally, Funky Junk has a specialized division that produces a wide selection of pre-assembled standard cables designed to meet various needs. The range includes various lengths and connector combinations. Funky Junk Cables ensure excellent sound performance and are handcrafted by highly skilled technicians using high-quality Klotz cables and Switchcraft connectors, with each soldering carefully done and individually sleeved.

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