Gainlab Audio is a Budapest-based studio equipment manufacturer that has grown from the Gainlab Studio into an independent business specializing in high-end audio processing devices.

The two founding sound engineers, who were present from the beginning, gained extensive experience with various equipment through their work in the studio. Over time, they began modifying and upgrading these devices for maintenance purposes, as well as for expanding functionality and improving sound quality. This eventually led to the development of fully custom-built equipment for use in the studio. These devices were produced in limited quantities, featuring unique technical specifications, and were universally well-received by the studio’s staff and clients. It was during this period that the idea of producing a series of products emerged, but it required several years of product development and the addition of a third founder, who brought valuable sales experience and the necessary capital to initiate production. With a continuously expanding operational team, Gainlab Audio was introduced to the public at the end of 2020.

As a result of their dedicated work, the Dictator Dual Pentode Var-u Compressor received the “Gear of the Year 2021” award. The Empress 2×3 Band Tube EQ won the “Gear of the Year 2022” award and received a nomination for the prestigious SOS Awards 2023 from the renowned Sound On Sound magazine. Since then, Gainlab Audio devices have received numerous positive reviews and are used by industry celebrities in their daily work. The company strive to earn the trust placed in them and continue to bring their ideas to life, for their own fulfillment and, most importantly, for the delight of the general audience.

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