Pope Audio is a burgeoning boutique audio brand, offering finely-crafted studio tools recognized for their high quality and affordability. The founder, Adam Pope, possesses a rich heritage in the audio industry, with an expansive background that spans several decades. Pope’s career journey took him from Soundcraft’s R&D department in the 80s, to live sound in Prague, and then onto technological roles in major audio rentals in the UK, culminating with experience accrued at Funky Junk’s tech department starting in 2009.

The lockdown of 2020 marked a pivotal moment for Adam Pope, allowing him to harness his years of knowledge and channel it into the creation of his own audio products. Collaborating with designer Michael McMenemy, Pope Audio introduced the BAX 2020, a shelving EQ celebrated by top producers and engineers for its simplicity and effectiveness. Subsequently, Pope Audio has gained a reputation for its range of products, including the Dirty-C Chorus module, inspired by the iconic Roland RE-501, and the PRE-BX 500 Series mic pre, earning accolades in Sound on Sound magazine.

Pope Audio continues to grow its name within the industry, appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts seeking out bespoke audio solutions. Though independent and not affiliated with Automated Processes Incorporated, Pope Audio has etched its mark as a reliable and innovative provider of audio equipment that delivers on performance and industry expectations.

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