Retro Instruments, headquartered in Northern California, has carved a niche in the professional recording industry by reviving classic-quality tube audio products with modern enhancements. Founded by Phil Moore in 2006, the company began its journey with the re-introduction of the classic Gates Sta-Level, a favorite of Moore’s due to its standout audio qualities. This marked the beginning of Retro Instruments’ commitment to blending vintage design and aesthetics with contemporary features, making their equipment both visually appealing and functionally superior.

The company’s product line showcases a variety of re-imagined vintage gear, such as the 500PRE, DOUBLEWIDE tube compressors, REVOLVER Dual-Channel Tube Compressor, Powerstrip Recording Channel, Sta-Level Tube Compressor, and the 176 Limiting Amplifier. Each product is designed and manufactured in the United States, ensuring high quality, service, and personal attention.

Retro Instruments continues to influence the music recording landscape by working closely with some of the industry’s top producers, engineers, and artists. Their ongoing mission is to reintroduce and refresh classic recording studio gear, merging the best of the past with today’s technological advancements, thereby staying at the forefront of innovation in audio equipment.

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