Shadow Hills Industries is renowned for producing high-quality, no-compromise solid-state audio gear characterized by a distinctive 1940s aesthetic. The company, originally founded by Peter Reardon in the Shadow Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, has since relocated to Texas while maintaining the same commitment to quality and durability that defines its brand.

With a focus on discrete circuitry and the avoidance of integrated circuits, Shadow Hills Industries emphasizes the longevity and serviceability of its products. Each unit is crafted using the highest-quality components available, ensuring both functionality and an enduring appearance.

The style of Shadow Hills equipment, inspired by 1940s Art Deco design, adds a unique and charming visual element to any recording studio. These units are not only visually appealing but also offer superb audio quality. Features like switchable output transformers enable users to tailor the sound to fit specific needs, enhancing the utility of these devices.

Among its product line, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor stands out. Highly regarded in the professional audio community, this compressor is a staple in many mastering studios worldwide. It offers the capability to operate in dual mono or stereo modes and includes both optical and VCA sections that can be independently activated.

In addition to its flagship compressors, Shadow Hills Industries produces a range of audio equipment including preamps, a monitoring controller, and a summing amp—each featuring meticulous craftsmanship and the iconic aesthetic for which Shadow Hills is known.

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